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Hungarian Language Translators

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Hungarian Language Translators


Hungarian language belongs to the Uralic family of languages and more exactly to the Finno-Ugric subgroup. Apart from Hungary, it is recognized as an official minority language in Serbia (Autonomous Province of Vojvodina), Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria and parts of Ukraine. Hungarian is also one of official languages of the European Union. It has about 15 million speakers, and it is also spoken in parts of Croatia, Israel and the United States.

In comparison to Indo-European languages, Hungarian has a large number of cases, although the different forms of nouns are not considered cases in Hungarian. There are many words with are similar to those in Serbian and Croatian, but there is also a part of the vocabulary taken from Turkish and German. Hungarian is written in Hungarian Latin alphabet and it is regulated by the Research Institute of Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Science.

We have part-time translators of Hungarian in our team and therefore, we can always respond to your requests quickly, whenever urgent translations are needed

Our translators of Hungarian are at your disposal whenever you need them:

- Translation from Hungarian into Serbian
- Translation from Serbian into Hungarian
- Translation from Hungarian into other foreign languages
- Translation from other foreign languages into Hungarian

We also offer:

- Translation by court interpreters of Hungarian language
- Certification of already translated texts
- Editing and proofreading of Hungarian texts
- Fieldwork in cases when the presence of a court interpreter of Hungarian is necessary, as well as any other other forms of verbal translation.

Quality and security

The Translation Agency “ABC Translations” guarantees the security of your data, as well as the quality of services delivered. For the sake of security, we have introduced the practice of signing the Confidentiality Contracts for all data of our customers

Each translation forwarded to the client passes several controls:

  • the first translator submits a draft translation,
  • the second translator controls it and delivers the final version,
  • then it is visually inspected by the translator who forwards it to the client.

This mode of operation minimizes the possibility of errors.


Every translation is a new product, new author ‘s creation, so not every translation is the same.
Therefore, the prices vary from case to case.

In determining the price, four factors are important:

  • Should the translation be certified by a court interpreter
  • How many pages of text have to be translated
  • What is the deadline for completion of the translation
  • To which field does the text for translation belong

The standard translation page contains 1800 characters with spaces (Word Count).